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Genealogy - An expanded section with more content being added regularly; specializing in Acadian genealogy.

Beagles - Dedicated to Chips the wonder dog and Rudy!

Clare MI - News, weather, and information on Clare.

Marblehead MA - Information on my hometown, Marblehead, the birthplace of the American Navy.

Freedom - Speeches by Charlton Heston, more to come!

Heartwarming Stories - What the name implies.

NEW - Family / fishing Pics - Click HERE or on button to left.
Glenn's genealogy, especially Acadian
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This page was last updated on: January 4, 2019
Read about my beagles:
Marianne Daisy Chips CDX, RN, CGC (Chips) and
Echo Run Flying Ace MX, MXJ, OF, NAP, RN (Rudy) in my beagle pages!
See video of Rudy running agility on the beagle agility page.
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