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The acorn symbolizes the deep roots of the Gaudet family in the soil of Acadia and the fidelity of the members to the land.
Acadia is symbolized by the star, its national symbol, with the use of the French tricolor.
Port Royal river is shown by wavy lines, stylistic representation in heraldry, and the division of the (?) which shows a port.
The fleur'dé lis is the ancient French emblem.
The motto, "They speak of you", comes from the latin "De te fabula narratur"; it means a good strong spirit of the family continues throughout Acadian history.
"Loose" translation of the French!
Family Journal: G. Laffy to ancestors
Welcome to Glenn Laffy's Genealogy page.
I have information relating to Acadian / French-Canadian genealogy with some English, German, and Swiss genealogy as well.
Come back and visit often as I continue to add more genealogy information.  I will continue to update family histories and  family trees and add additional content.
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NEW UPDATE (08-19-07):
I have updated my family tree again!  More additions and corrections have been made.  There are still some more to come, they should be added soon.
Click on the red link on the left or to see my family tree!  MORE to come, check back often!
I will continue to add additional information on a regular basis; I am still working on data supplied by many of you! 
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Acadian history part 1- 1600s to 1755
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Acadian history part 2 - The Deportation
Acadian history after 1755
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Interesting Acadian folklore
I thank those of you who have contributed corrections / updates / additions to my files; I will continue to update as new information is obtained and will make these changes periodically on the website!
I welcome any comments, suggestions, corrections, please feel free to e-mail me HERE.
Comeau History
Family and fishing pictures
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