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Beagles are a gentle breed and are generally good with children. They love to hunt, especially rabbits but will eagerly chase squirrels, and other animals such as deer.
They are intelligent but can be stubborn because of their need to be hunting. It can be very difficult to get a beagle to "come" when he's on a scent!
Teaching a beagle basic commands and tricks is not too difficult but they may not want to perform when "on a trail". Beagles LOVE food; be careful not to overfeed or to give much "people food". 
They are generally very affectionate, loving dogs with big brown eyes that seem to beg for attention. They really do love to be petted, praised, and respond well to human attention.

A key to obedience training is to teach a beagle to "watch me" from a young age if possible.  It is also very important to praise and reward the "come" command.  NEVER display anger toward a dog after he obeys a "come" even if it is on the tenth try!
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I am the proud owner of two Beagles: 
1. Chips, now deceased, who now earned her CDX (Companion Dog Excellent title) and RA (Rally Advanced) and was the number 8  beagle in the US in Novice obedience in 2001  and has her CGC and is a retired Therapy Dog.  She did therapy visits at our local hospital and continues to occasionally compete in obedience. 
She was the number one beagle in the U.S. in Open A obedience in 2006 according to the "First and Foremost" rating system.
She was the number 4 beagle in the U.S. in 2006 for Open and Utility Obedience Combined "First and Foremost" ranking.
She was one leg short of an agility title (Two first places for her first two legs) but retired from agility due to surgery for a herniated disc.  She had competed well for my daughter in 4H events as well, including Grand Champion in showmanship in the Clare County fair in 2005 and 2006 and 4th in the state of Michigan at the Michigan State dog show in 2005.
2.  Rudy, born 8-22-03.  Rudy is a feisty guy who plays hard and has lots of fun.  He has lots of "drive" and became a great agility dog.  

NEWS: Rudy has earned 7 Master Agility Championships and is now retired after developing glaucoma and becoming blind in his left eye.

 December, 31,2015:
Rudy is now MACH 7 Echo Run Flying Ace RN MXG2 MJB3 NAP OF
With 7,804 "speed points" and 9,264 "Top Dog points"
He is:
The number One male beagle all time in AKC agility.
Number 4 beagle all time of both sexes.
Number 2 beagle all time both sexes at the 16" jump height.
Attended 4 AKC agility Invitationals and made the finals in 2011.

Rudy is the very first beagle to have earned an AKC FAST title and one of the first to earn an Open FAST title.
Rudy has also earned his Novice Rally obedience title.
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