Beagle Obedience
Some basic obedience training ideas are now being added to this site!
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Beagles are generally easily motivated by food.  Use that to your advantage when training a beagle!

I highly recommend starting attention training with your beagle when he is still very young. 
Begin by teaching a "watch me" command.  The second your dog starts to look at you, give a "yes" (or click if using a clicker) and immediately give a small treat.  Try to gradually require the dog to look directly into your eyes for longer and longer periods of time before you give the "reward marker."  This foundation training is extremely helpful for later more advanced obedience training and should be continued periodically throughout your beagle's life.

Teaching "sit" is relatively easy: merely lift gently up on the collar as you say "sit" and reward the sit with a treat.  Alternately, some people teach it with a gentle push down on the rump.  A third method is to lift a treat up above the head, while easing the rear down.

Teaching "down" can generally be accomplished by lowering a treat to the floor just in front of his mouth as you give the command.

"Come" can be taught using a treat to encourage the dog to come to you when you give the command.  If considering entering in obedience competitions, try to aim for a straight sit dead in front with the dog almost but not quite touching your feet. 

"Stay" should be taught gradually... At first reward for just a few seconds staying in place... gradually increase the time OR distance but NOT both  so that eventually he will stay in place (either sit, down, or stand) for several minutes with you not even in the same room!

With any of these or other commands, food can be weaned as the dog learns the commands but should be used periodically to reinforce these commands.


A mechanical device which produces a clicking noise when pushed.  Often used in "Clicker training" of animals including dogs.

Reward Marker: 
A word, sound, or signal that indicates that a behavior was correctly performed and that a reward is coming.   Typical examples of this include:
"YES!" or  a "click" made by means of a "clicker."

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