LeBlanc Acadian History told by a Nova Scotian LeBlanc: "Origine Des LeBlanc"

English Translation
Our future ancestor who knew the family of LeBlanc was Pierre of Grand Pre. This man was born in 1719. With the help of our dear parents Jacques LeBlanc and Elizabeth Boudrot, all of them came from Grand Pre. Later a marriage took place on Oct. 4, 1745, where Pierre married Marie Madeleine Babin. Marie was the daughter of Joseph Babin and Angelique Landry. Their years were successful and they raised a large family of 10 Acadian children.
During the dispersion of the Acadians, the family was deported to Salem, Massachusetts. But after the great deportation of 1755, Pierre and his friend Francois Doucet decided to return to Acadia to the Bay St. Marie. They arrived on the Isle of Seraphin in the spring of 1771 and to them this place seemed like a marvelous place of security and happiness.

The following year, the 2 friends, Pierre and Francois arrived back at this same island to live there with their families.

When they arrived they were all quite discouraged because there was forest everywhere and they were also discouraged by the fact that they had lost all of their people, deported. To bring this group together, Madeleine, Pierre's daughter took an axe and cut down the first tree.

Madeleine told everyone, "We've cried enough, now let's build a shelter for the evening." These words encouraged the people and after a short period of time they had constructed a place to spend the night and live together.

With the confidence and courage they received from Madeleine, the land was given in 1775. These concessions started from the College St. Anne all the way to the Petit Ruisseau (Little Brook). The plots of land gave them a total of 1735 arpents. So the first families to come to the Pointe de l'Eglise (Church Point) were the LeBlanc and Doucet families.

(Jacques' father was also named Jacques LeBlanc, and his father was Daniel LeBlanc - the father of the LeBlancs in Acadia)