Some Comeau History
Pierre Comeau was born in Pouilly-en-Auxois, France around 1606 according to some researchers, others say in the late 1590s.  He is the father of all the Comeaus in North America.

Pierre  Comeau arrived in Acadia with the Raizilly expedition in 1632.  He married Rose Bayols in 1649, at approximately age 43 (using the 1606 date of birth). 

Rose was born in Dijon, France in 1631 and came to Acadia in 1636 with her family - father was Nicholas Bayols on the ship "Saint Jean".  She died before the 1686 census was taken, as Pierre is listed as a widower.

Their six boys and five girls were all born in the Port royal area.  One son, Antoine, returned to France in 1661 and settled in Bordeaux. 

Pierre Comeau helped to found the settlement at La Have River and went to rebuild the fort at Port Royal, along with Governor D'Aulnay de Charnisay in 1655.  The original fort had been destroyed by the English in 1613. 
He was a cooper by trade - a maker of casks for dry goods or liquids.  It is likely that salted fish, exported to France were stored in containers he made.  Pierre also was a dyke farmer.   Dyke farmers created dykes to allow them to farm the fertile lands where swamps had been.

Many Comeaus descend from his son, Jean, who had a son Pierre, born in Port Royal in 1680.  This Pierre married Suzanne Bezier on Jan. 25, 1704.  Their son, Francois (Maza) was born in 1731 in Port Royal.  He passed away in Comeauville, NS between 1818 and 1823 after marrying  Felicite LeBlanc in 1764.  Francois (Maza) Comeau was deported with the Acadians at age 24, staying in Salem, MA for a short while.  He then went to Petit Coudiac, New Brunswick.  From there he traveled to Cocgne, NB, Miramichi, NB, and on to Ristigouche, Quebec.
He returned to Nova Scotia and was in Port Royal for the 1770 census. 

Francois and his sons were given a grant of land in May of 1775 and settled in St. Bernard for a time.  He later settled in Comeauville near the Golf Course Road with his family and most Comeaus in that area are related to him.
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This information is taken from various sources with a large portion from Anne Theriault, in a letter written to Del Comeau in 1990.
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