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Clare, Michigan has a diversity of lakes within an easy drive that afford multiple recreational opportunities. 

Here is a sampling of  lakes in Clare County and fish species available:

5 Lakes -  Bass, Pike, Bluegills, Perch

Budd Lake - Bass, Bluegills, Perch, Muskie

Lily Lake - Pike, Perch, Bass

Shamrock Lake - Bass, Trout, Perch, Bluegills

Grass Lake - Pike, Bass

Eight Point Lake - Pike, Bass, Bluegills, Walleye

Doc & Tom Lake - Bass, Bluegills, Perch, Pike

Lake George - Bass, Perch

Mill Pond - Bass, Trout, Crappie

Little Long Lake - Trout, Bass, Pike, Bluegills

Bertha Lake - Pike, Panfish, Bass

Big Norway Lake - Pike, Bass

Arnold Lake - Bass, Walleye

Long Lake - Pike, Bass, Bluegills

Surrey Lake - Panfish

Thirteen Lakes - Pike,  Bass

E. Trout Lake - Trout, Sunfish

W. Trout Lake - Pike, Trout

Little Norway Lake - Bass, Pike

Clare Area Lakes
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